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seo-service-online2 - MICROWAVES enter just 3 to 5 cm

In practically all foods, MICROWAVES enter just 3 to 5 cm. Consequently, similar to a regular stove,(صيانة ميكروويف دايو) nourishment is warmed and cooked from the outside in. Be that as it may, cooking is quicker in MICROWAVE ovens where it is in the nourishment itself where the warmth is produced, rather than convection warming the surface through the (low) warm conductivity of the air. Not all the outside of the sustenance consistently assimilates the MICROWAVES. Stationary hubs are framed inside the heater, and in this way there are "problem areas" with most extreme field quality and "cold spots" with no net electric field. Thus the heaters have a metallic helix that consistently avoids and moves the hubs inside the heater, or the plate that underpins the nourishment pivots amid cooking. 
In spite of the relative development between the nourishment and hot and cold spots, the inside warms up more gradually; there are zones in specific foods that heat in all respects rapidly and begin to bubble and even produce abrupt bubbling as blasts. This is avoided by expanding the all out working time yet closing down the broiler intermittently, to enable time to lead the recently retained warmth and subsequently uniform the temperature in the sustenance. Present day ovens have this capacity that is regulated by a microcontroller, be that as it may, all ovens have a control of the complete time of activity and a control to modify the successful capacity to low qualities ??to defrost, or to middle of the road esteems ??to warmth or cook all the more gradually . It is a typical oversight to feel that the MICROWAVE generator can create less power than the most extreme. As a matter of fact, the microwave dependably radiates with the greatest power for which it has been designed (which in ordinary business ovens is somewhere in the range of 400 and 1500W). At the point when the stove control is balanced, for instance, to a fourth of the most extreme power, it implies that the broiler works with cycles where it is 75% of the time without MICROWAVE and 25% on. The obliviousness that this type of compelling force decrease can be utilized, results in chilly foods inside, 
On the off chance that you need to find out about how microwaves are created and what the basic task of a heater is, you can counsel Saber hardware No. 160 and 184 or download the instructional exercise regarding this matter with the key "micro220" from our site. 
We trust that with these archives you have "enough" technical data however ... do you realize what the capacities, preferences and burdens of these heaters are ?. As we think it is imperative that you know, we should perceive what are the basic elements of a microwave: 
This is the best known capacity of microwaves, in a brief span  it can warm a dish officially arranged cold at the temperature we need, without having any flavor to overheating. 
Defrosting through the microwave has two essential points of interest: the colossal speed, since we can have a ultra-solidified sustenance in no time flat to have the capacity to cook it and, then again, as the nourishment is quickly defrosted, the microbial verdure does not have sufficient energy to cook. imitate as in a moderate defrosting. 
A vital element of these ovens is that to prepare nourishment, you needn't bother with water since they exploit the fluid of similar foods. The principle favorable circumstances of these ovens contrasted with customary cooking are: 
Speed: The formulas are made in an a lot shorter time than is required with the customary broiler. 
More beneficial foods: As sustenance is cooked in its own water content and at under 100ºC, less salts are lost and less nutrients are obliterated. 
Increasingly common flavors: When cooked with their very own gua, they don't lose any of their segments and present progressively characteristic flavors. 
Solace: No pots or dish ought to be utilized since they are cooked in similar utensils with which they can later be eaten. Then again, cleaning the microwave just requires passing a soggy fabric through the dividers of the stove. 
Vitality sparing: In microwaves there are two kinds of intensity, the power retained that is devoured by the system when it is turned on and the power yield that is the electrical vitality that is changed over into warmth vitality. The proportion between the two is usually 60%, consequently assumes an act higher than that of customary frameworks, for example, the electric broiler or cooking plates. 
As the intensity of the flag discharged inside the broiler expands the quicker the sustenance will cook. For instance, on the off chance that we need to cook 1 kg of meat, we will have the accompanying relationship: 
At 1400kW of intensity it will take 10 minutes 
At 1,300kW of intensity it will take 11 minutes 
At 1,200kW of intensity it will take 12 minutes 
At 1,000kW of intensity it will take 14 minutes 
In every stove we can discover images that decide the dimension of intensity required for various capacities, for instance to defrost, warmth or cook. 
At 100% power we can cook, defrost precooked items or warmth rapidly. 
At 75% power it tends to be cooked in a bain-marie and cook increasingly fragile items. 
At half power basically the capacity is to defrost vast pieces for a couple of minutes. 
At 30% power it serves mostly to defrost. (صيانة غسالات دايو)
At 15% power, the sustenance is kept warm. 
Microwave utensils 
For nourishment to be warmed it is vital that microwaves can go through them, subsequently, the holders that contain them must be transparent, the most reasonable materials are glass, glass, pyroceramic or glass clay. 
Then again, we ought to never utilize metals, not even aluminum foil, as they mirror the microwaves against the dividers, with the resulting danger of harming the broiler just as not warming the nourishment. 
Likewise take care with some artistic dishes in the event that they have illustrations or decorations, since works of art that have some metallic component among their parts may have been utilized. 
There are plastic compartments available that are sold for use in the microwave and that are set up to withstand the intensity of microwaves, in any case, we should be extremely cautious, since certain plastics, when warmed, can emit some portion of their segments that are dangerous. On the off chance that you don't have a clue if a holder is appropriate for the broiler, place it void inside the equipment and by it a glass brimming with water, interface the stove to most extreme power for one moment. 
We will perceive what they are and how to test the principle parts to be considered in case of a heater working issue. 
The remainder of the parts, for example, lodging, control links, and so forth., in spite of having their importance, are excluded in it. 
The parts that can be checked are: 
Pivoting ENGINE. 
Figure 4 demonstrates a chart that just uncovered the microwave producing part, not the total plan. 
The microwave disappointments can be a few: 
Deduction to earth of the curl (far-fetched). 
Winding open, or unbounded opposition. 
Radio wire of the consumed microwave, with the goal that intemperate flag as flashes get away. 
To check the microwave winding we will utilize a multimeter in the most reduced ohm scale, the loop should give an obstruction between fibers of under 1W, around somewhere in the range of 0.6 and 0.7W. Among fibers and chassis should give vastness. 
There is no huge assortment of microwaves available, their capacity may fluctuate, yet by and large they contrast toward the wave and whether it has fused screws. They might be: 
Master sense coordinate with screws. 
Ace sense arrange without screws. 
Antisense of system with screws. 
Antisense of system without screws. 
In the event that the radio wire is scorched, the stove works and warms up. The blame is identified because of the blasts that happen in the cooking pit. Sparkles are produced through the "waveguide" conductor, which detonate uproariously on the SIDELITE plate by burning it, the flashes even penetrate it and skip off the pit (figure
At the point when the radio wire is scorched, despite the fact that the microwave works , the main arrangement is to supplant it, which is frequently not helpful as it might be more costly than another monetary stove.
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