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The Word of God reveals to us that love is and shows among all individuals, each other without qualification of sex, race, shading or conviction or political, social or financial circumstance. 
However, I can't help thinking that the importance of the inquiry is whether in the Bible the marriage association solely between a man and a lady? The appropriate response is certainly YES. The Bible just perceives as marriage the association of a man and a lady. 
In the book of Genesis we find: "And God stated: Let us make man in our picture, and in our similarity; and exercise territory over the fish of the ocean, over the feathered creatures of the sky, over the steers, over all the land, and particularly reptiles that creep over the land. So God made man in his own picture, in the picture of God he made him; male and female he made them.

What's more, God favored them and said to them: Be productive and increase, and fill the earth and submit it; they practice domain over the fish of the ocean, over the feathered creatures of the sky and over every single living being that proceed onward the earth. " 
Let us take as truth that people were made by God. In any case, we see a world in defiance to the Creator. Always attempting to do our will and not so of God, as though we find out about existence than Himself and deciphered life as indicated by our wants, tastes and accommodations. How about we take the riddle of marriage. 
In Genesis 2.24 he says: "Hence man will leave his dad and mom and join his significant other, and they will be one tissue." If marriage is characteristic to man, it is a piece of his senescence, from the minute and before its creation, in this way marriage has a place with the circle of common law and the circle of awesome law, marriage can't be subordinate at the desire of men. (The best dating site in the UK)

Common laws have no purview over regular law just as over celestial law. Both the legislators of a state or a country can't and don't reserve the privilege to adjust what by common and celestial law is in itself. Along these lines, an association that isn't between a man and a lady can't be called marriage, it tends to be called by some other name however not marriage. 
The organization of marriage is to be regarded such that varies from different relationships. Marriage must be loved, energized, respected and advanced as the relationship explicitly given by God among man and lady. There might be numerous issues and issues that are not obviously tended to in the Bible, however marriage is essentially not one of them.

From both the Old and New Testament scriptural entries, we can securely certify the way God contemplates marriage; God says that the organization of marriage is the relationship between a man and a lady as it were. What is the association that best mirrors the 'picture' of God. The main association that is 'satisfactory' in view of the idea of individuals. An association that unites people for all time while they "join" each other forever.

The association and the setting wherein kids are considered and raised. The main association that is given and affirmed by God. An association that must be submitted, enduring and indivisible. An association where the lady submits to the man and the man to the lady in a conciliatory way. An association that must keep up an exceptional spot of respect in our general public. 
The diocesans who partook in the ongoing Synod of the Family, held in Rome from October 4 to 25 took into account these lessons and in this way in the last record conceded to thing 76 that, despite the fact that it is important to have a magnanimous frame of mind with the individuals who present gay propensities, there can be no premise to set up "not by any means remote" analogies in the undertakings of evening out of same-sex marriage.
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