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I need to converse with you about a category of soil, which I especially like. It has for some time been a dismissed one for artistic tiles. In any case, as of late it has made an immense rebound and has developed as the touch retro chic second to none. You will have gotten it is clearly: floors in cement tiles! 


I recognize what you will let me know! "Since it's trendy, everybody has it, I need innovation ... Well you would not be right! Cement tiles are so not the same as one another that nobody can have the equivalent and that is truly cool! 


Cement tile floor with patterns 


Cement tile, yet what's going on here? 


A little history… 


An Ardeche creation: 


The "Tile - Mosaic" is the aftereffect of a blend of pressure driven lime, calcined earth, sand and water, discovered by Etienne NOISE TERS, open works contractual worker. Better known under the name of cement tile, he made his initial steps to Viviers in Ardeche. Because of its material as hard as stone and not at all like the earthenware tiles and Provencal tiles, well known around then, does not require cooking, it ends up one of the lead material of the nineteenth and mid twentieth century. 


The patent of invention: 


It was conceded in September 1859 and the cement tile turned into a definitive place of the time since its procedure permits to deliver great quality beautified floors at moderate prices. 


The decrease of the cement tile: 


By and by, its creation started to back off as right on time as 1945. For sure, the expense of work turned out to be increasingly imperative, and couldn't be lined up with different materials. Its creation at that point ceased all over Europe. For instance, earthenware tile was ousted by clay tiles, which are, then again, a lot less expensive, on account of huge scale development dissimilar to cement tiles. Also, truly, it must be known that a proficient specialist couldn't deliver more than 5 m² of cement tile every day 


Lac have factory 


Bronze dividers (τσιμεντοκονια)


The nuance of cement tiles is to be made out of polych rome illustrations inserted in the tile. How would we get to such outcomes? A pleasant invention that we owe to Auguste LACHAVE, locksmith of Viviers. 


In line with Etienne LARMANDE, he planned "dividers" in bronze of various geometric shapes. These will at that point be embedded into the cement tile shape to make the stylistic layout, enabling the shades of the example to be circulated without smirching. 


The Lac have factory at that point turned into the master in divider manufactures. 


Bronze divider 


The assembling technique: 


Cement tiles are partitioned into a few layers of sand and cement. 


The diverse phases of acknowledgment: 


The initial segment to be made is the unmistakable layer of the tile. 


The divider is set in the tile form. 


Each shading, in view of Portland cement, marble powder and metal oxides, is then filled the ideal areas of the divider. 


The divider is evacuated when the cement isn't exactly dry, yet sufficient that the hues don't blend. 


The mortar that will shape the outside of the tile is sprinkled with unadulterated cement or sand. 


Before the center is dried in the principal layer, the structure layer is framed utilizing a coarse mortar of dark cement and sand. 


The entire is put in a press . next blog

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