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Musical cruises choose(House Music)
The significance as a base port for travels is given for two reasons: its important framework is imperative for transportation organizations when programming the courses. Also, its visitor worth is a magnet for voyagers who travel around the Mediterranean. Among them, melodic travels are checked. 
In this specialty from Barcelona, ​​half twelve outings withdraw that show live shows of a wide range of styles: from option in contrast to great shake, through blues or club rhythms. 
Elective shake from the ocean 
Elective shake music travels are an approach to persuade twenty to thirty year olds that creation such an excursion isn't for retirees and special first night relationships. 
Beauty and Sebastian , one of the most important groups in the outside the box scene , will be the main event of the Boaty Weekender , a four-night voyage that will leave on August 8 from Barcelona to Cagliari (Sardinia), where the gathering will play in Two shows 
Similarly as with the surge of celebrations throughout the mid year, it won't be the main band: this melodic journey likewise affirmed elective shake and post shake groups, for example, Mogwai, I Have It, Camera Obscura, Django, Alvvays, and different groups . 
It isn't really ease 
That it is a voyage bound for a crowd of people of under 40 years does not imply that it is an ease trip. The fundamental ticket costs 626 euros, and incorporates all suppers ready, and administrations, for example, pool, jacuzzi, rec center and access to the gambling club and spa 
There are likewise customized exercises intended for this sort of crowd, for example, yoga classes, topic parties, cooking classes and karaoke rivalry. (House Music Cruise)
The ship they will go on is the Norwegian Pearl , which has a limit of 2,500 travelers. Likewise with the substantial metal themed travels , the specialists will impart the outing to their fans as though they were different travelers, having a beverage or being supper accomplices without the standard obstructions ashore. 
The association of that outing is from Sixthman , an organization that every year exhibits an enormous motivation of melodic travels, with rhythms going from shake to nation. 
Among the most perceived stars of his schedule is Jon Bon Jovi , who will perform at the Runaway to Paradise Mediterranean , which will withdraw from the Catalan capital on August 26 and touch base in Palma four days after the fact. 
The stone artist will play, from April 12 to 16, on a comparable outing through the Caribbean, among Miami and Nassau. 
will play on a Mediterranean journey transport . 
For this situation, Bon Jovi won't go via ocean, yet will play at every goal port. He won't be with his customary band, however with the Kings of Suburbia bunch . Be that as it may, notwithstanding the demonstrate the hero will take part in a series of inquiries and answers with his adherents , photograph shoot and on the ship there will be boards with the fundamental achievements of his life and vocation. As a gourmet contact, on board you can drink the new wine of Jon and Jesse Bongiovi's, Hampton Water Rosé . 
Contingent upon the kind of lodge, the tickets on this vessel devoted . 
Past shake 
Not all things are shake and come in the Mediterranean. The Keeping the Blues Alive subject voyage will highlight driving specialists, on a notice that incorporates fifteen additional craftsmen, for example, Robert Randolph and The Family Band, Joanne Shaw Taylor and Eric Gales , among different blues performers , with combination in jazz and different rhythms.
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